Joint Health Sciences Center Ribbon Cutting

Leaders from the Joint Board, participating institutions, and elected officials gathered in Camden’s “Eds and Meds” corridor today to celebrate the opening of the new Joint Health Sciences Center at the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Broadway. The Center houses lab and training spaces for multiple universities and is the only facility in the state to house important functions of two four-year institutions, a county college and two medical schools.

Eds & Meds Corridor Interview with Dana Redd

RURCBOG CEO Dana Redd joins Comcast Newsmakers’ Jill Horner to discuss leveraging the City of Camden’s educational and research assets to stimulate growth and innovation in the City. Redd highlights how the Medical Assistant Training program, the Alzheimer’s Journey Coordination Certificate, and the soon-to-be-completed Joint Health Sciences Center are facilitating quality of life improvements, job creation, and research coordination throughout Camden and its communities.

Steel Topping of the Joint Health Sciences Center

The Joint Health Sciences Center is an innovative facility that will provide unique education and training opportunities to a new generation of health care providers. The Center is designed to co-locate students from different academic disciplines to share laboratories, equipment and classrooms, exposing students to a broader educational experience and encouraging the connection of talents, goods and services. Rowan University, Rutgers-Camden, the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, Camden County College, and the Joint Board of Governors administrators will all have a presence in the facility. Approximately two-thirds of the space will be dedicated to research, multi-purpose rooms and offices focused on biomedical research.

Joint Health Sciences Center from HOK, Inc. and Penji on Youtube.

Joint Health Sciences Center

The $50 million Joint Health Sciences Center is going to be integral to the “Eds and Meds” corridor in Downtown Camden, NJ. The Center’s objectives are to support: (1) initiatives that may lead to the development of products and bring those products to market; (2) attracting research-based businesses which in turn will help build the economy of South Jersey; and (3) developing solutions to problem sets that will identify pathways to improve population health programs.

Joint Health Sciences Center from Group Melvin Design on Vimeo.

Joint Health Sciences Timelapse

Joint Health Sciences Timelapse from Group Melvin Design on Vimeo.